Dining at Taste Of The World Restaurant

The staff at Taste of the World Restaurant is dedicated to delivering a memorable dining experience to each of our guests. The hallmarks of “taste” are beautiful ingredients, expertly and creatively prepared and professionally served in a convivial atmosphere. We take fine dining very seriuosly.

Our Menus

Our Menus Our menus reflect our passion for bringing our guests dishes from around the world creatively prepared using classical culinary technique. See Our Menus



Larry Bishop has had a life-long love affair with food. Taste of the World Restaurant reflects the ideas and philosophies Larry has developed over the last 35 years of studying and cooking around the world.

Our Chef

“An unexpected surprise just off the beaten track in downtown New Hope's Union Square. With excellent food, good vibe and friendly service, this new establishment 'raises the bar' and will soon be everyone's favorite secret. We'll be back often.”- Bruce Imber     
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